My friend just recommended the song Elysium by Bear's Den. They don't have much music in the usual places, so I ended up watching their music video to hear the song. The description of the video pointed me to an article on NPR music, where I found out that the video was shot in my backyard. Not just in my backyard, but since I moved here. It follows students at Seattle Pacific University in the wake of the recent shooting. One of the student's dorm mates was killed. In his words,

‘Soon after I arrived in Seattle to begin filming, an armed man walked onto Turner’s college campus and shot four students. One of them died. I was staying on my brother’s couch in his campus dorm room, living amongst sixty or so sophomore boys. The name of the slain student was not released, and no one knew when it would be. As hours passed by into night time, one student was still left unaccounted on my brother’s floor, four rooms down from us. One of the dorm-mates decided to sleep in the hallway just outside the elevator to wait for the missing student, so that he would wake up when the missing student came home. Others followed suit until the entire dorm floor hallway was filled with mattresses and students unable to sleep, all waiting for the elevator door to open.’
AuthorSheffield Leithart