back from the zac brown shoot. turns out alan jackson was in the video, too.

we got into atlanta on sunday evening, ate some dinner and walked over to the bar to check it out. we originally called a cab, but got bored after waiting a half hour. turns out in the bible belt places close on sunday. we didn't even get to go inside because the owner of the bar lived an hour away. so we walked back.

next day, a couple of us got up early and went to pick up some equipment we'd had shipped, plus some extra lighting for the bar. after waiting too long on two more cabs and stopping by fedex to pick up a 77in 120lb package, we got over to the bar. we set up some tripods and lights and a slider, and organized the extras so they filled the background nicely. darren didn't even tell people when he was going to start shooting. that's the beauty of a music video.

after a couple hours of recording and ferrying extras, alan jackson and zac brown showed up and we moved to a different spot in the bar. since alan jackson is obviously such a celebrity, only the crew was allowed within eyesight. we worked quickly so he only had to be inconvenienced by us for three hours.

as soon as he left, darren squeezed in a couple more shots and we were done. we cleaned up, ate dinner and took off. my main job during the shoot was to download the footage, double back it up and convert it into the proper format. i kept it going through the shoot so that we got done, and darren was able to walk into his hotel room and begin editing. he had the video finished by 10 that night.

as for me, i'm feeling fat. my living situation still hasn't been worked out, so they're putting me up in a hotel for the time being. my diet is whatever i can get and my exercise is nonexistent. i can't wait until i can settle into something a little more like home.
AuthorSheffield Leithart