sorry for the lack of updates for this week. here's what i've been doing.

last saturday, darren and i drove up to hollister. it's about 3.5-4 hours away from his house, so we got up early. once we got there, we met up with a professional bull rider. we basically followed him around all day filming his work and interviewing him when we had the chance. that evening, he was in a rodeo, so we filmed that too. good day, really long. got up at 4:30 to drive up there and got back around 2 the next morning.

on sunday, i drove over to loma linda and visited the bowens, who were in town for labor day weekend. i didn't get to spend much time with them, since they had to go to a wedding, but it was still worth the drive.

i had monday off since i had worked all saturday, so i caught up on some sleep.

tuesday, darren had me edit together the bull rider interview. once i got done, he watched part of it, gave me some pointers and had me go back over it again. that took up most of my day.

yesterday, he gave me some behind the scenes footage from the zac brown video we shot last week. my job was to go through, edit up the interviews, grab the good footage, and put it together into a 20 minute piece. if i wasn't done, i shouldn't go home. i left the office at 9:30 this morning.

after getting a few hours of sleep, i went back in, and darren had me go over the same project and edit it differently. make it a little weirder. i got done with that around 8:30 tonight and headed out.

somehow, in the middle of all this, i got a living situation worked out. i'm living in a bedroom in a house owned by an older jewish lady. i have my own room and my own bathroom, it was already furnished, and there's high speed internet. what more could i ask for? oh....... there's also a pool.

i'll post pictures in the next day or two.

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