had a pretty good weekend.

went up to santa barbara on saturday and spent the afternoon walking around and driving around. it's basically what i imagined california beach cities would be like. lots of young people and tourists. everywhere i went, there were people speaking foreign languages following me around.

on sunday, i finally made it to grace reformed church. the people there were really nice. i think i was the only visitor. practically everyone came up to me and introduced themselves. they asked me my name. then they asked me my first name. then they realized their mistake and asked me my last name. then they talked about how awesome my dad is and what a great personality my mom has. and of course i agreed with everything they said.

last night i went surfing with denny, chet, tony, their families and jenn. it was awesome. i want to go again. and again. i want to move to hawaii so that i can get up in the morning and step off my back deck into the sand and go surf. already, even after going just a couple hours, the waves i was on are too slow. i want to find bigger waves.

so, on my weekend, i drove the pacific coast highway, walked state street and learned to surf. beat that.

AuthorSheffield Leithart