no real updates today. i just thought of a couple random things to share.

first, i think i remember telling people that i was working out of westlake, ca. this actually isn't true. i'm working out of westlake village, ca. basically, this means that i don't have to deal with as much traffic, and i'm working closer to the edge of the greater LA area.

second, i just wanted list a couple of pet peeves.

speed bumps in neighborhoods. this doesn't sound that bad, but it's actually really annoying. unless you'e driving through a really nice neighborhood and want to look at the houses. then it's tolerable.

hyper-aggressive drivers. before i get started, i'll acknowledge that i'm an aggressive driver. i like to drive fast and pass people. this place is perfect for me. yesterday, i was in a line turning right at a traffic light and a guy came up behind me (there was a pedestrian crossing the street). immediately, he started honking and throwing his hands up. we turned onto a four-lane street and, since i'm the robin hood of the street, i took it upon myself to teach this guy a lesson.

a slow car was in the right lane, so i pulled into the left lane quickly and went reeeeaaaallllllyyy slow so that he couldn't pass us. after switching lanes twelve times in as many seconds, he pulled over to the right lane and passed the other car on the right. the right. using the street parking.

unfortunately, i decided to be nice and let him get by me. i regretted it pretty soon afterward, because it would have been fun to keep annoying him. oh, well. now i know what to do next time.

ANYWAY. that's what i've been up to. yesterday, i colored one of darren's projects. start to finish. that was fun.

tomorrow, i'm leaving for colorado to film a zac brown concert at the red rocks amphitheater. last october, i was pushing dollies at a zac brown concert. less than a year later, i'm holding a camera.
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