i'm not going to apologize for my failure to update, because that's cliche. and if there's anything i've decided i don't want to be, it's cliche.

so here's what i've done since i got on here last.

i filmed a zac brown band concert at red rocks amphitheater in colorado. the venue is amazing. the acoustics are amazing. i climbed around the rocks and through a cave that opened out the side of the cliff above the amphitheater. that was amazing. it was a fun trip, but really short. if you have a chance to go to a concert there, you definitely should. here's a link to a video of the first few songs: http://www.theboot.com/2010/09/21/zac-brown-band-red-rocks-live-concert/

i edited a behind the scenes video for zac brown's latest music video for the song "As She's Walking Away." it should air on CMT sometime in the next few days or weeks or decades or something.

by the way, if you haven't watched the music video yet, you should. i'm actually in it. see if you can spot me.

i've also been working with darren on a project with kirk cameron. that should be finished up by the end of the week, and we'll find out if we've got the investment to continue. it's a really interesting project. hopefully i'll be able to tell everyone more about it in the next few weeks.

i went sailing. here's a tip for those of you are thinking of doing it. don't get stuck in the cabin with someone smoking a cigar. it will not help your stomach. i did fine, but it definitely would have been more fun if that hadn't happened.

i filmed a concert for rx bandits. this wasn't for or with darren, and i got paid for it. met a few people, made some connections, got some people noticing that i actually know what i'm doing with a camera. it was a good step. it was also in downtown hollywood, across the street from beverly hills. on my way home, i drove down mulholland drive. it's a dangerous road, but had one of the most beautiful views of LA that i've ever seen.

i went to a party (also in downtown hollywood) for zac brown band and company. their album had just hit number 1 on the billboard 200, and they invited some people to celebrate. it was at the sky bar. nice bar, great view of hollywood. met a couple important people there, too.

that's all i can think of right now, so that's all you get. might post some picture later. if i feel like it.

AuthorSheffield Leithart