these are the videos i made in the last couple days. darren started me out walking around the complex and filming some slomo shots. i came back and edited them into a two minute piece.

then he told me to go get more footage and edit it down to one minute. that's the first video. not terribly happy with this one.

from there, he had me find a more upbeat song and bring it down to 30 seconds. second video. kinda like the way this turned out. mistimed a couple of the cuts, i think.

for the third video, he wanted me to make it seem a little scary. no score, just sound effects. make it feel like a creepy place to walk around. i finished that one and can't help but laugh every time it ends. made the mistake of telling him that, and he countered with one more version.

for the last one, he wanted it to be completely serious. i needed to stop laughing. edited down to 15 seconds. this one is my favorite. funny how that works.

AuthorSheffield Leithart